Born 1959
Grew up in Berlin
Completed business management training

1985 Wild times in advertising and photography up tp 1989 Peace movement and cabaret with Robin Wood
Berlin - Frankfurt/Main - Osnabrück 

1991 Self-employed in Frankfurt/Oder
Advertising agency: Ahorn Werbung
Advertising agency: Kommunikation + Media

1998 Techn. and commercial customer service
in the printing and publishing house
»Märkisches Verlags- und Druckhaus GmbH & Co. KG«

1999 bis 2001 Educational staff with DAA,
Subject area: advertising, design and new media

From 2001 self-employed in media design and
further education

2003 second professional qualification
as media designer for digital and print media

+ Audit committees:
Management assistant in AdvertisingMedia designer for digital and print media

+ Further training:rosche sprung 01
Workshop in Mansfield und CambridgeAccessible Online-Media
Cambridge Training and Development (CTAD)
(UK), summer 2003
Certified didactic advisor in modular further education system (MWS)- DAA 2007
Certified Online-Teacher - 2014
from 2010: InDesign User Group Berlin