What is important for a Corporate design is the universal viability of colour, typeface, signet and so on.

It’s not always about making a Corporate Design. More often than not a Corporate Design has developed naturally as a result of various advertising activities. The recognition value that has emerged from this process is plain cash. It doesn’t make sense to develop a completely new design which your customers have to learn to recognize again. Sometimes only a redesign of all advertising media is necessary and a suitable documentation for all partners involved in the process. 

For example
• IHP Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics
• Regional Innovative Network Photovoltaics - Electronics - High-tech service providers
• Hiller Communication
• Galimatias Intercultural Training
• Wohlfühlhaus Bau GmbH & Co. KG
• IHP Solutions
• 500 Jahre Reformation: St. Marien in Frankfurt (Oder) und die Reformation in Brandenburg
• Stadt- und Regionalbibliothek Frankfurt (Oder)
• Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Frankfurt (Oder) - Lebus